The Web is 10 Years Old!




Conference Days


History Space

To mark the passing of the first ten years, a special space will be dedicated to collecting material on web history. Bring anything you know (anecdotes, recollections, dates and times, names, opinions...) or possess (papers, messages, T-shirts, books, mugs, computers, old web pages, old web sites, photos, tapes, disk...). All materials will be returned, and you decide what can be used.

History Wall

A "paper wall" will be set up as a gigantic time-line on which important events will be marked. This will be filled in at the conference, and you can contribute or just come and read!

History Book

James Gillies of CERN will be manning this space and collect your input. He is currently working on a book on the history of the web, to be published later this year. The book is aimed at the interested layperson who wishes to learn more about how the Internet and the Web were shaped, who the persons behind it were and how their community functions.

History Collaborations 

Other people have made efforts in this direction. Some of them may also be present. Watch this space.

 Updated: February 26, 1999
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