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Pre-Conference Courses

Two full-day courses will be presented prior to the WWW8 Conference on Monday, May 10, 1999:

Strategies for Rapid ‘Net Deployment

William Ruh, Concept Five Technologies, Inc.

The Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) has had a profound impact on how applications are developed in the corporate world.  The time to build new applications has been dramatically reduced through the use of tools based on ‘Net Technology. In fact, application integration has become a larger drag on the time and cost required to deploy new ‘Net-based applications than the applications themselves.  However, through the use of middleware and prepackaged integration tools, we are on the verge of removing this barrier to next generation corporate Web-based applications.

This one-day course is intended for application developers and other IT managers who are under pressure to deliver customer-focused business services over the Internet.  The goal of this training session is the help IT managers make smart decisions regarding the integration of new and existing applications into their ‘Net-based applications.

Topics covered include:  An introduction to next generation application integration into Web-based applications; how the right middleware layer can keep custom integration costs low; the role of architecture in large scale Web applications bringing methodology and security to the architecture; why you don't have to choose between messaging and CORBA; how scalability, reuse and information security can be enhanced; how next generation application integration can enhance customer relations over the ‘Net.


Mr. Ruh is the Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Concept Five Technologies. In this capacity he is responsible for the technology strategy, product development, and professional services activities for the company.  He is a recognized expert in the areas of object technology.  His current book, Inside CORBA: Distributed Object Standards and Applications was released in 1997 by Addison-Wesley.  He will release his next book, IIOP Complete: Middleware Interoperability and Standards, in March 1999.  In addition, he regularly writes and speaks on these topics.  Recent activities include speaking at the Gartner Groups’ Enterprise Application Integration Conference on Distributed Object Technology and testifying before the U. S. Senate as an expert witness on technology

Distributed Object Security for Web-based Applications

Philip Wherry, Concept Five Technologies, Inc.

Building secure Web applications in a distributed environment is always a balance of business risk and cost. Doors into a system must be closed to accidental or deliberate invaders but open easily to those who are welcome. When security is built into applications from the start, business risks and cost are both minimized. This one-day course teaches techniques for designing and building secure distributed applications using web technology.

Special consideration will be given to several areas of particular interest to Web application developers and project managers: application security for Web-centric code, including Java and scripting languages deployment of public-key technology integrating intranet, Internet, and extranet applications leveraging distributed object security to speed up application development

Case studies will be used to illustrate key concepts. At the end of the course, participants will be able to identify and evaluate potential vulnerabilities in Web systems and applications, and will be able to apply information security best practices to their new development efforts in order to mitigate these risks.


Mr. Wherry is the lead security technologist for Concept Five's Professional Services group, which provides consulting and technology services for corporations bringing next-generation applications to market.  He has over ten years' experience with initiatives involving Internet and Intranet technology (particularly security and electronic commerce applications), project and client management, and staff development. Mr. Wherry was project leader for application integration, security design, and operation of Europe's first Internet stock trading application, and is currently leading an initiative to integrate secure distributed object technology with this system.  He also leads information security initiatives within other industry sectors that place a high value on information security.  He teaches several classes on information security, including presentations aimed at developers, managers, and distributed-system architects. Prior to joining Concept Five, Mr. Wherry developed standards for security methodology, architecture, and implementation of Internet projects at Bell Atlantic Corporation.

Updated: February 2, 1999